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All of a sudden stuck when FSX is loading terrain data...?

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This was my case until a couple of minutes ago when I finally found the culprit.


I haven't had an issue with FSX for a looong time now and out of the blue I was no longer able to load my last saved flight in would stop at 7% loading terrain data. I was very puzzled since I used FSX without any issues only a couple of days ago and again haven't had any issues for ages.


After doing some troubleshooting including removing fsx.cfg (which did let FSX successfully load the default free flight) I first thought it was my previously saved flight that got corrupted somehow. I saved my new flight and then tried restarting FSX to reload this newly saved situation and booom...stuck again at loading terrain data but this time at 0%

At this time I was starting to get a bit worried thinking of the possible scenario which I think is most FSX user's worse night mare...having to reinstall FSX including all addons etc.


Then I came to think of one thing. When I loaded FSX using the default FSX free flight allowing FSX to finish loading all the way into the flight I noticed how GSX kept regenerating it's airport data on every startup. Normally this would only happen when something changed in the scenery library since the last restart of FSX. In my case nothing changed between my attempts and still this regeneration of airport data kept going on every time I loaded the default flight. This made me have a look in the GSX log file and I'm very glad I did because that showed me the real of the BGL files had a size of 0 kb meaning it was corrupt so no wonder FSX was struggling.


The corrupt BGL file is part of Aerosoft AES and will cause you issues if you have Aerosoft Nice installed. The file is called AES-LFMN-ASI.BGL and is found under...


...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\aerosoft\Nice Cote dAzur X\Scenery




...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\aerosoft\AES\AIRPORT\ASI


Of course very stupid of me not remembering I had upgraded AES to version 2.38 only days ago but I guess the main reason is I've been using AES for so long and never had any real issues that it simply didn't cross my mind that could have caused this problem.


Anyway I headed over at Aerosoft to report the bug I discovered but soon found that someone else already beat me to it and Oliver (the developer of AES) already released a fix which is great!


You can get the fix below if you're in the same situation (ie using the latest version of AES 2.38 and have Aerosoft Nice installed) as I was.


Just figured I would share this with the rest of you after having spent a couple of hours troubleshooting which I could have used to fly instead if I only had went to the thread above directly...

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That's strange. In my case as soon as I replaced the corrupt file in both locations mentioned with the fixed file my FSX loads any flight perfectly normal again.


Hope you find the culprit in your case!

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I fix it



I couldnt find where and or if I have the scenery installed, to many sceneries and I couldnt run FSX. Finnally I found the scenery was installed, replaced the files and FSX is working again.


I am so relieved man, so!

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