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Speed Protection in the 777...

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In the 777, specially on a landing with gusting winds and shear, one that should probably be abandoned, and the type I mostly seek during my short simulator sessions using the Search function of ASN, the "BadBadWeather" site or Sky vector, sometimes it happens, when the AT is already disengaged and I am flying manually, that a sudden shear causes the speed trend vector to point way down the Ref speed, and the AT kicks IN in THR REF mode - from there on, if I am stupid to not go around, I have to disengage the AT again, most of the time to experience the same even nearer to the rw threshold...


I use FSX:SE mostly for the 777 (and since yesterday I will finally be able to have the chance to use the NGX ( a module I bought long ago and never used... ), and all of this while I wait for the 744 v2, training thoroughly in PSX sessions...), and I am amazed with the quality of this simulation. The 777 finally made me forgive RR for having left me with the two children, long ago, when he walked away from Fly! :-)


In at least two occasions I was able to experience situations which pretty much remind me of an accident with ASIANA flight 214 at KSFO, after a succession of bad flying / techniques I deliberately followed. It was remerkable to watch the PMDG 777 respond pretty much the same way the real Asiana 777 systems and aerodynmics behaved on that occasion! Remarkable, for an FSX-based simulation !!!

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Sorry for some incorrections in my post above, which I can no longer edit :-/


1) Of course the trigger IS NOT the trend vector...


2) The system engages, correctly, in SPD mode


3) The 744 has a similar protection system, and it is also modeled in Aerowinx PSX ( 744 sim )...

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