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VATSIM with AI Traffic question/idea

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VATSIM can be very rewarding and educational to people looking for an immersive and realistic experience on FSX, but I feel that it is missing a major component of that experience and that is traffic. I know about events and group flights etc. but I'm talking about consistent volume, not the occasional night where you see 10 other planes during a sequence to your destination.


For example flying point A to point B across the country you rarely cross paths with another aircraft 1,000 feet above or below so the traffic calls don't exist, and the crew actively scanning out the windows doesn't exist. Flying into a busy class C or B, or even D can present more pilot workload looking out the windows for VFR traffic.


I have an idea but I am not sure it is even possible so hopefully someone knows. PilotEdge has random VFR traffic that departs and lands uncontrolled airports in the terminal areas, so isn't this possible for VATSIM? This traffic doesn't even have to be IFR or controlled by ATC, it can just be there to "be in the way" or present a realistic environment. It could be limited as to not enter busy areas of a class B such as on final or departure paths, and there could be IFR overflight traffic added up in the flight levels that essentially never go into areas where it's a must to talk to ATC. (Obviously it's required but for the sake of VATSIM adding traffic it's not).



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