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Get the bogey mission

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Good morning,


I downloaded Get the Bogey mission a couple weeks ago. It features two F/A 18's sitting on a carrier deck. After launch you have to catch up to your wingman and fly to intercept an unknown aircraft. You then have to escort it to a runway and then attempt inflight refueling.


Has anyone else tried this mission? You can find it on


It starts off with Danger Zone - song from Top Gun. Looks pretty good, but I keep failing early in the mission.


I can't seem to get past the first step. I never get clearance to go after the 'bogey'. I'm assuming it is the 747 that appears. Has anyone made it past this part? How close should you be to the other F/A 18? Does it matter how quickly you catch up?


Thanks for your help.







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Yes, I have flown it, and succeeded after some wrong ends. It seems to have a glitch right at the beginning, where the other F/A-18 is ready to go. Wait until it has stopped at the catapult, and then taxi to the other (left) catapult with the launch bar down (SHIFT+U). Attach to the catapult (SHIFT+I) and wait for the commands to increase power. When told to go, press (SHIFT+SPACE) to fire the catapult. If the mission has worked OK so far, you should have the Mission Compass indicating the position of your wingman (if it just shows the distance as 0.0 nm, you were too quick, and have to re-run the mission).

I should mention that there are reports that the mission has a problem with SIMVAR (you do have that installed, haven't you? Otherwise the mission doesn't work.), so if you want to start from a save, you must exit FSX and start it again.

Apparently you are not required to be extremely close to the other F/A-18, but it makes things easier. After a little while, you get the report of a bogey (now indicated by the Mission Compass), and then you are told to approach it while your wingman watches. You have to come close to this B-747 and stay there, flying at his speed (350 knots or so). A five second timer starts, and after that you have the ID. You are now to escort the bogey to Patrick AFB 120 nm off, staying close (you will be admonished if you stray, but I don't think the mission will fail). As he finally lands, fly really low over the control tower (buzz it - you will hear expletives!), and this will get you a separate reward!

Now you go to refuel with the KC-135. This is a fiddly job, well described in the mission briefing, and when you finally have 60% in your tanks you can return to the carrier (Mission Compass points). You fly a complicated approach pattern and land on the deck (don't forget the hook (SHIFT+Q). When you come to a stop, the 'Success' message should come up, and you get the "Tanker" reward.

Before landing, you can also buzz the carrier tower for a third reward.

I hope this will help you out!

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