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Marc Stanford

PMDG MD-11 massacre part#2

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Ok so a little background story...



I was playing FSX with my new PMDG MD-11 giving myself the type rating to fly the beauty of the sky and my training airport was LGAV Athens by Fly Tampa sceneries. However while I am training myself all of the sudden major spikes from the ground (I believe a graphical glitch) just shoots up at the sky and FSX glitches and crashes. I think the gods were angry I flew to close to their temple or something I don't know. But seriously people kept telling me to lower my graphical options so that way the plane would run better. Well thats what I did and it did get better but only temporary. People told me to get a new computer but I couldn't do that since it was the family PC and I didn't have the power to do such thing.

Well eventually the byte dudes who worked at my graphic card went on a strike and lets say they never came back and my graphics card went out of buisness. For the next 3 years I would be entangled in the cluster of X-Plane



Ok so this time I have my own computer; a Macbook Pro Retina 2013 model with bootcamp Windows 8 64-bit installed. Now finally after 4 years of rotting in the hangar I decide to take the MD-11 out for a 2nd try (I believe every plane is like a human, they deserve a 2nd chance) and I try to get my type rating again with the plane and I begin training at Edwards AFB. I do the usual doing stalls, steep turns, emergency descents and what not.


Now here is where it gets interesting....


Just as i'm about to do that stall test I realize I have about passengers and cargo that I didn't want so I went on the FSX menu and changed that and BOOM MAOR GRAPHICAL GLITCH which means a missing menu, everything is blocky like minecraft but super contrast (sorry thats the best way I can explain it). FSX dose'nt crash but I have to quit since its unplayable!


So I give it another try and this time I use the PMDG menu to do what I did because I believed it was using the FSX menu that somewhat confused the system. But then again the SAME thing happens again while I do a engine fire test. 


At the moment the MD-11 is back in its hangar (uninstalled) and I just don't know what to do next? do you guys have any ideas what to do next because I dont. If we don't do something about this soon enough millions of passengers will be stuck at their airports without transportation. 


We know PMDG is like Rockstar and the MD-11 is like GTA V its a masterpiece and im not ready to give up on it yet :)


MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY This is Captain Bakon of Fly Delta Virtual Airlines declaring an emergency. Squawk 7700, tun 121.500 anyone respond.


P.S. My father bought me this plane as a gift for doing well in school, if this issue isnt resolved soon then he would have wasted his money I need help with this!

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A slightly late reply by me, but if your problem is what I think it is, then I am sorry to tell you that you have missed a very easy fix for this known problem, that has been out there for years.

If you know about the fsx.CFG file in Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX, open the file with notepad and under the [GRAPHICS] section add HIGHMEMFIX=1. This is supposed to fix all graphics corruptions except for artifacting that is caused by system imbalance.

Also add this:


This makes your performance jump into the air, but cause some slight instability. This is nothing to worry about if you have a balanced and stable system.

To prevent other crashes, search for the UIAutomationCore.DLL file, download it, and drop it inside your FSX root folder.

This link will tweak your fsx.CFG file for you, giving you proper and stable settings:


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This is from the 777 Introduction Manual by PMDG. This provides the correct link to the UIAutomationcore.dll file. There are quite a few different UIAutomationcore.dll files kicking around on the Internet. This should give you the right one.


"We highly recommend the use of a replacement uiautomationcore.dll file if using Windows 7 64-bit. The Windows 7 version of the file is bugged in conjunction with FSX and can cause the sim to crash after repeated menu use over a few hours of flying.

Extract the dll contained here into your FSX root folder, the sim will reference it instead of the bugged Windows 7 default version."


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