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How to get 5 monitors running showing 180 degree internal VC view.

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Hi all,

I have been looking for a system to run my 6 monitors and a program called 'Input Director' may do what I need. If the program sounds like it will allow my system to do what I want it to, could someone please let me know.

I run a computer with specifications listed in my profile overview (including a Nvidia Surround GTX GeForce Titan) which allows up to 4 monitors to be connected. It currently has three 27" monitors in lanscape mode that gives me about 120 degree VC view from inside the cockpit, and is okay on frame rates that I have set at 30 fps. The forth 24" monitor sits under the middle monitor and the gauges go on this. In regards to Tweaks, I have followed xxxxx's recommendations and all runs well.

However like all flight simmers, I want go go the next step and put on two additional 27" monitors (one at each end) to give me a 180 degree internal VC cockpit view. But even on my computer with the specifications, the frame rates drop significantly to a slide show. So I need a second computer. I have asked for advice on multiple forums for a program that will allow this as it will require additional CPU power, and everyone suggests extra computers using WideFS or Wideview, but these are all outside cockpit views and I need to maintain the normal VC internal cockpit views and so am wondering if 'Input Director' program or anything else would work.

If anybody has this program or can confirm this program will or will not do what I want, I would be most greatful. If anyone has ideas alternative to this, I would be really interested as well.


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As far as I can tell input director is just a software KVM switch which will allow you to view different PC's output on a variety of monitors usimfg the one keyboard and mouse. However it won't allow you to run one instance of FSX across multiple PC's and monitors. Nor will WideFS. WideView would do the trick if you had multiple PC's networked together, and as far as I know you could maintain the VC view. You'll need to send them an email to confirm that though.

So, if you have the money you could configure a second PC with a high CPU and a 980 TI maybe, get the software, network your PC's and have your config.

Why? I don't know, but good luck to you.

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