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Saitek Cessna throttle: Can't reach min/max values

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I'm using a Saitek Cessna Yoke and Throttle (three levers for throttle, prop, mixture) in Prepar3D v2.5. I've installed the latest drivers, the free version of FSUIPC and SPAD (for my Saitek panels). I've also calibrated all my Saitek gear.


I noticed that if I go to full throttle or full idle on the throttle, the lever in the plane is not at full throttle or full idle, but maybe 5-10% away from that. I can use the mous in the virtual cockpit to further move the lever to its extreme position.


Same for prop and mixture. I can't stop the engine via mixture idle cutoff, as mixture never goes to idle cutoff. Doing a short field landing with 10% power left is not really easy.


How can I fix the range of my throttle quadrant, so that I reach the actual zero and maximum values in P3D?





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For a long time the information below was on the Saitek website in their support area, although I can no longer find it there. I have used part 2 of this successfully. Perhaps it will be helpful to you. Note however, you much be very careful anytime you work with the registry.



From Saitek:


Calibration Fix

 If you are finding that the axes on your controller are not travelling through their full range of movement and/or are not centering correctly then try these fixes. The first fix deals specifically with Flight Sim. The second fix deals directly with the controller in Windows and should resolve any issues detected in Control Panel > Game Controllers > Properties.

1.  If you are having trouble with calibration in Flight Sim then you might need to rebuild the config (cfg) file.

To rebuild the Flight Simulator config file, press and hold down CTRL+SHIFT as you start Flight Simulator and start a new flight. Continue to hold down CTRL+SHIFT until the game is in Cockpit view.

 Note - When you rebuild the config file, some of your joystick settings may change.

This should work for FS9 and FSX. Once you have got in to the cockpit - make sure you move the controller in the full range of all its axes 4 times to make sure the calibration data is recorded properly.

2.      To recalibrate in Windows, first remove the USB plug for your controller from the PC.

Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the letter R. This will open the Run box. Type regedit and then click ok.

         The Registry Editor will have a list of folders on the left hand side. Go down into the     following folders in order by clicking the + next to the folder name.

+Media Properties
+Private Properties
+Direct Input (Note: Direct Input does exist in Win7), don’t be “fooled” by Joystick\OEM

Delete any folder inside the Direct Input folder that begins VID_06A3.  Clicking on VID_06A3 entries should show some Saitek info.  

Once deleted, close the editor, then plug the USB back into the original port. Move all the axes of the controller through their full range of movement four times.

Now go to Control Panel > Game Controllers > Properties to check the axes on the test screen. If the issue persists then test the controller on another PC to see if the issue is replicated.

If it is replicated then it is most likely a fault with the controller which will need to be replaced if it is still within warranty.

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