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First time Carenado buyer with the Phenom 300. Since the 1.1 update I am finding that my Artificial Horizon is not working near the destination. I am going to run another test flight to see exactly where, but as of now it works on takeoff and climb out, but does not work on descent, approach and landing. No bank angles, pitch angles, nothing. Just a straight and level indication. 


The second issue I am having involves the AP and the FLC. I've been flying another corporate jet that was released many years ago which was my benchmark for the 300's performance. Once about 10,000 ft., I turn on the AP and select NAV and FLC then set the speed dial to 280 KIAS. The nose lowers to about a 1,000 FPM climb until reaching 280, then the nose raises up to whatever VS is needed to maintain 280 KIAS. In the Phenom 300, instead of pitching over to 1000 FPM climb, it is lowering into a -4000 FPM descent until reaching the desired speed. 


Third issue is that I had M .700 set on the speed dial, but the speed it was holding was M .735 not pitching correctly to hold the speed I selected. 


Forth. I had FL280 set as my altitude. When reaching about 26,500, she started to descend at about -250 FPM and just stabilized at M. 735, -250 FPM descent never reaching FL280. 


One positive. This is so far the best plane I've flown on approach. Handles like a dream. Little touching on climb out, but on approach she is very stable. 



I am expecting close results using the same techniques as my other corporate jet I fly so I don't know if I need to be doing something different for the 300 or are these bugs you have also noticed? 

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The FLC is very, erm, this aircraft.  It should not begin a descent to accelerate to a higher worst it should level-off until reaching the speed.  Carenado made it too agressive, basically.


One problem I noticed with the speed bug when in Mach mode, is that it will not adjust as you climb or descend.  As you know, Mach speed changes relative to IAS with altitude.  The Mach bug should continually adjust for this, but it appears Carenado has coded it to perform the conversion calculation one time and as a result it stays "frozen" as you climb or descend.  If you tweak the Mach bug one click, it will update.  Not sure if I explained that well...does that make sense?  I guess what I'm trying to get at: is the FLC matching the airspeed to the bug on the scale, or is it getting stuck on a fixed IAS while the Mach speed bug slides away?

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