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AI Models For FSINN Compatible with DX10

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Hi Guys,


Quick Q, tried looking online but couldn't find an answer.


I am looking for AI Models for FSINN that are compatible with DX10 (preferably freeware), I know that WOAI isn't compatible but is IVAO Compatiable?


I am currently running UT2 and it works with both but I need to expand my librairy.


Appreciate the feedback.

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Do you really talk about "DX10 compatible" or do you rather mean "FSX native"? I wonder because I sometimes confused those two things as well. Thanks to the DX10 Fixer from Steve, basically all available AI traffic models (FAIB, UTT, SBAI etc.) are "DX10 compatible". The problem still existing is the annoying fact, that some models refuse to show up on certain addon sceneries when having "aircraft casts shadow on ground" enabled inside FSX. BUT: this is not a question of DX9 or DX10 but a question about the AI model and the scenery design process. With FSX native AI models (such as FAIB), you do not have any issues, with others (such as TFS), you get the invisibility thing. Or do you mean something completely different?

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I am very technical so I don't know what FSX Native is.


What I am trying to say is that I read somewhere that WOAI Models aren't compatible with DX10. I am assuming it's issues with textures. I am running DX10 without* any fixes, using FSX SE.


So If I understand what you're saying is that IVAO/WOAI work perfectly with DX10 FSX SE, I just need to run Steve's DX 10 Fix?



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Yes, I would say that using the DX10 Fixer basically makes most of the AI models compatible, as it really fixes a lot. Can not be 100% sure as I do not use anything else than FSX native models anymore...


Speaking about this FSX native issue: it is the way how the models are compiled. There is a difference between FS9 models and FSX models, and for AI traffic with shadows enabled, this results in the mentioned issue on certain sceneries. As a matter of fact, it is as well a scenery design issue, but even for me way to complicated. The only thing I realized on my build is, as mentioned, that as long as I use FSX native models, the shadow issues are gone, no matter on which scenery.


Honestly, this might be to complex to answer here, why not asking Steve directly in his sub-forum here on avsim? Simply open a thread over there an ask specific questions, for example "will the DX10 fixer allow all WOAI models to be used?". I am pretty sure that you will get a definite answer pretty fast from Steve.

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