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Regaining some control over Windows 10

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Just some additional food for thought. Make of it what you will: Concerned citizens as well as scoffers. Is she a bit crazy? well, duh. Are these people who want all your data deranged as well? Lets put it this way. I think the various forces deserve each other.


As usual, regular people are caught in the middle, not quite sure who's nuts.


Art bell stuff? Well, because there are real nuggets of fact and info amongst the spiritual stuff, it's hard to tell, actually. But what is clear to see is that people could probably benefit from being more aware of what's going on around them, and doing some research.


Use your brain to filter out the wilder elements.

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I also hear that tin and aluminum stocks are up.

I had an internal bet you would show up, and a good idea what the comment would be like.

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