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Wilco E-Jet FMC Saving a flightplan....

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Yep... Me again....


I love this aircraft especially since I travel on it often going to visit my sis in uruguay.

Aerolineas Austral uses the Embraer 190 from SABE to SUMU and back....

Trying to create the same roundtrip.


In the interest of saving time each time I reload to work out items that no manual clearly defines... (Hit & Miss)

I would like to creat the flight plan and save it as to reload each time I try.

Problem is... The onlty resource I found that supposedly clearly explains, doesnt work...

This PDF: Feel There Embraer E-jets v.2:,

Explains the following.....


Saving a flight plan:

Flightplans created using the FMC may be saved and used again. You must instruct the MCDU that you wish to save the flight prior to entering the route waypoints.

To create a flight plan that will be saved:

1. Choose FLT PLAN after initializing the aircraft's position, or press the FPL MCDU button.

2. Enter a flight plan name into the scratchpad. Usual practice is to name a flight using the departure and arrival airports separated by a dot (press the MCDU +/- numeric key). A route between Toledo Express and O'Hare International is named: KTOL●KORD.

3. The flight plan creation screen will appear. The screen will be titled 'flight plan name' FPL (in the example above the screen name will be KTOL●KORD FPL).

4. If a plan with the entered name already exists the FMS will load the prior saved route. If no plan exists the FMS will save flighplan using the route data you now enter.

5. Create the route as outlined earlier in this manual. NOTE: runways, SIDs and STARs cannot be part of a saved flight plan.

6. After completing the route entry, and closing the flight plan, press the LSK to the right of FPL SEL.

7. Now ACTIVATE the route. The flight plan is now saved. To use this plan on a future flight choose the FPL LIST page or enter the flight plan name into the scratchpad and choose RECALL FLIGHTPLAN NAMED on the initial FLT PLAN page.


Step 2 & 3: I have tried this every which way but right...

Someone maybe has been through this or a real world 190 pilot might help..

Thank you.

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I've removed your duplicate posts.  In the future, please wait for AVSIM to complete post or if it doesn't seem like anything is happening, come back in a minute or two and see if your post was entered.


I know AVSIM can be slow at times, but patients is needed.


Cheers, Rob.

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Shucks... And here I thought I had the answer to my question?


Cheers back!.


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