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I have just upgraded to Windows 10 (clean install). After installing MyTraffic v6, I noticed that it takes considerably longer for the vehicle list to load. Granted, I don't use the scenario screen very often, but the difference in load times now vs Win7/MyTraffic v5.4 is considerable. 46 to 60 seconds.


I am just wondering if, given the fact that MyTraffic 6 allows installation anywhere, it has an impact on the vehicle list loading time? Also, I noticed in the <user>\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D\SimObjects folder; all of the MyTraffic Aircraft are listed.


I don't know if any of the above impacts the load times. What I would like to know is if P3D normally searches all aircraft in simobjects.cfg when creating the vehicle list. If so, is there a way to stop P3D from looking through all MyTraffic aircraft folders?​ There are 201 aircraft.cfg files in the MyTraffic installation. Each aircraft has several repaints. There are ~5500 variants. I don't want to hide or remove any of the AI paints. That would defeat the purpose of having AI.


I should point out that the AI aircraft are not showing up in the vehicles screen. All of the panel entries in the AI aircraft.cfg files have no data after 'panel= '. 


Any help or guidance would be most appreciated. 


Given I am using Windows 10, I would be grateful if we could avoid a Microsoft slagging session.



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I face the same challenge with P3D v2.4 and MyTraffic v6. Aircraft loading is time consuming.


I would be glad to find an appropriate solution.


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