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Silkly Smooth P3D

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Hello all!


I have been reading a few threads here on how to get stutter free smooth flights with good FPS. I thought I would share my experience with my setup and settings. I am always tweaking to obtain smooth perfection and I think I am very close.


As we all know, everybody will have something different with different outcomes. So, lets get started


Current setup:

i7 4770k OC @ 4.4Ghz

GTX 980ti

16 Gb RAM


P3DV2.5 Settings:

FXAA- On or Off (I play around with this)

Anisotropic Filtering- 8x


Texture Res- Medium

VSync- Off

Target Frames- Unlimited

Lens flare- Off

Landing lights- On

Everything else- Default


P3D config:

Affinity Mask: 84

Lod Radius: 1.00 (I think) I am still experimenting with this one.


Nvidia Inspector settings:

Antialiasing Mode- Enhance application settings

Antialiasing Transparency Supersampling- 8x Sparse Grid Supersampling


With these settings I am achieving a very smooth 80-100+ FPS in default aircraft with FTX Global, ASN and REX Soft clouds running.


With PMDG 737 at KGEG and addons mentioned above, I am seeing silky smooth stutter free 35-60 FPS (weather permitting)


So, there you have it. With these settings, I am able to have stutter free flight experiences. If you so choose to try these settings, use them as a starting point. I hope this helps anybody who has been trying to achieve that perfect balance of eye candy and performance.

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Everything else- Default

Afaik defaults are different on every computer, depending on your system. So what is for instance your autogen set to? Any reflections enabled? Shadows? If autogen is at Normal, reflections and shadows are disabled, and with textures at medium it's no wonder performance is nice, I think. ;) That's not balancing eye candy and performance: it's throwing away all eye candy. ;) And btw most people don't tweak the cfg anymore: not needed.

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8x SGSS ?


How are your framerates with bad rainy weather and multiple cloud layers....?

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I didn't know that default settings vary depending on setup. My autogen is all set to normal. Reflections are off. I really don't see the point of reflections if your 30k feet up and your not flying over water. I guess it all really depends on your flying routes and taste. Shadows are medium and cast on self and ground.


IMO its looks very nice. But hey, everybody is different.

Yup that is right. 8x SGSS


The frames in bad weather (rain and lots of clouds) are about 30+fps with ASN default cloud layers. I would give you a more accurate number if I wasn't at work... I have not put these settings through a hurricane yet and I am sure it will be heavy on the system. Lol


I will try to put some screens together for everybody to see.

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