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Aircraft bank/turn problem

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I have some aircraft (e.g. PA a3xxs) which, when you set the autopilot heading, overshoot the turn selected by 10 degrees or more, and then have to turn back again in the opposite direction to correct it.


I have been looking at the AircraftContainer SDK doc but do not really understand the parameters, other than 'max_bank'. Do any of the other parameters tweak things in a way that would cure this problem?


I have the following references in the aircraft.cfg file:


//use_no_default_pitch=            1
//use_no_default_bank=            1  (// is in the default PA cfg file)
default_bank_mode=            0
max_bank=                25.00 
max_bank_acceleration=            2.0
max_bank_velocity=            3.0


Changing the max_bank value doesn't seem to help..


Any other ways I might fix it, if these aren't relevant?



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The first two entries are Rem'd out with // and are inactive. Default bank mode is 0 and therefore inactive, change it to 1 and that should improve things. In the FS menu bar Aircraft\Realism settings, make sure that Autorudder is selected. The next step if these don't fix it is in the aircraft.cfg [flight_tuning] section, change the aileron and rudder effectiveness figures to 1.0 if they are less than that, or to 1.2 if they are already 1.0.

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Many thanks - I will try this out and post back when I get back to the UK (and my FS PC) in mid-November (I'm travelling abroad until then).

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