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Freeware Imaginesim KMSY Runway Change

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I saw the post in the Bargain Hunter's section back in August of this year that let everyone know that Imaginesim had released their FS2004 KDTW and KMSY Payware Airports as Freeware.  I downloaded both and was very happy with the look and feel of the airports.  Imagine (pun intended) my chagrine when I realized today that with the release of AIRAC 1511 the runway numbers at KMSY changed and runway 6/24 is now taxiway D.


I have successfully edited the runway sign textures for 11/29 and 2/20 (the old 10/28 and 1/19) to read correctly and for lack of any other ideas blanked out all the 6/24 runway signs.


What I have not been able to figure out is how to change the runway ident number on the actual runway surfaces (or mark 6/24 as closed).  I'm assuming they are ground polygons since I can find runway surface textures, but no number textures to change.  Still, even if they are ground polygons there should still be a texture file for the "imbedded" numbers I would think.  This may be a small point since the actual physical locations have not changed and nothing has been added, but it just "seems wrong" landing on 29 and seeing the numbers "28" as I pass over them.


I have modified default and other freeware airport runways when the numbers changed using Airport Design Editor, but doesn't seem to be a way to do this with KMSY.  Imaginesim, of course, will not provide any updates since this has now been declared freeware...and I wouldn't expect them too to be quite honest.  Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to make 1/19 and 10/28 read correctly "on the numbers" as 2/20 and 11/29?



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