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Pick up some FPS performance, if not landing upon water....

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Been following the P0 GPU state, with Water's ULTRA setting, and read from Beau...that no matter WHERE, you are in the flight sim world, CUDA will be engaged, and taking a performance matter whether you are on dry land or not, whether you are flying over dry land, (in a desert for goodness sakes!) or above water bodies....if...the Ultra setting is engaged!!! 


The simply solution, would be to keep your highest water rendering setting to no more than HIGH as your generic, but, if you wish to land upon a water body and enjoy the 3D waves...merely set to Ultra and then carry on flight operations. As soon as you take off from that water body, take the few seconds to pause, set your Water to HIGH, and then carry on. You can pick up (as in my case) 4-5 FPS by doing this.


I had always just had Water set to ULTRA, but no more...and thanks to the O.P. of that P0 thread and links to Beau's response, to garner me even more performance from P3D.  Forums, ROCK!




Post Edit:  


Just also wanted to add, that I found by switching off Ultra (except for water operations...), I relieved a major amount of forward animation stutter and pauses.  Having the CUDA routines always crunching the numbers...perhaps causes this, to some extent. Anyways...see for yourselves, if taking Water to no more than High, relieves some stutter in P3D (any version) for ya...

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