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No sound from other programs while using v3

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I am using v3 and I have noticed that sounds from other programs are affected when I am in the sim.... For example vPilot, GSX, Google Chrome - (Youtube)... Also any video/audio stream fails to work which directly effects my ability to use vPilot to connect to VATSIM (They can hear me but I can't hear them). Teamspeak is the only program that usually goes unscathed (although it is affected occasionally)

I have done alot of testing and at this point I know it isn't my computer trying to cope with the demands from P3D, So far I have encountered this issue on two setups 

1. (i5 3570k and GTX 970) 

and now the issue occurs on my new (current) setup 

2. (i7 6700k and GTX 980Ti)... 

My FPS/performance is fine and my processor barely breaks a sweat while in the sim... 
The moment P3D is closed the issue disappears but it reappears the moment I get back in the sim. I am totally confused as to what would cause this...

Any help would be appreciated, kinda at the end of the rope in terms of troubleshooting on my on.

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I have Logitech G930, wifi, USB. I also presume that you're using Logitech software which is de-facto stand-alone audio driver. It appears that P3D cannot handle external audio streams simultaneously while using Logitech headsets and I think we'll see more such reports pretty soon.


In the meantime I returned back to wired Sony headset that uses default WinAudio. 

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