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Proper EPR, N1, EGT, N2, etc for the 744 at cruise...

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FIRST OFF SORRY I POSTED THIS IN THE OTHER FORUM AS WELL I JUST NEED A QUICK REPLY...the more people see it the faster the reply might be...Hey guys I've been testing out a few aircraft from 3rd parties and comparing it to the default aircraft. I did a test with both and these are the results I got flying at FL370 under fair weather at Mach 0.85 full weight of 910,000lbs. for the 744ER. Everything was exactly equal on both airplanes as far as weights, speed, cruise alt., auto pilot settings, etc. In fact I actually gave them both the same aircraft.cfg, so as you can see even all their flying properties were the same, however, I got mixed resultes, this is what I got...1ST AIRPLANEEPR = .77N1 = 51EGT = 382N2 = 71.5FF = 4.9OT = 172OP = 882ND AIRPLANEEPR = 1.06N1 = 89.9EGT = 598N2 = 84.9FF = 5.8OT = 265OP = 79Which one looks to be more normal during cruise? They differ significatly on EGT and EPR. I notice the 2nd airplane struggles to get to that altitude and sometimes even went side to side close to stalling until getting to FL370. My biggest concern was looking at the EGT's of both airplanes. Red Line on the 744 is 600 EGT...should EGT be so high as 598 when at a comfortable cruise???? The 1st airplane only goes up to 600 EGT during takeoff and maybe a little during climb but then settles down...I'm concerned for the 2nd one...which one is correct????What should a 744 EICAS look like during this type of cruise. Thanks for your help!!!

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I fail to see why your post is so imporant you need to cross post.In any case, I searched and found these pictures. I can't quite tell what the EICAS says but my monitor is terribly dark so maybe you can make it out. You cant make out the numbers but it is easy to tell that the value are very close to the top. Same as I would say that egt very close to the 'red line' is about where the engines run. Maybe later I will look in my 744 reference materiel and finds omse hard numbers.

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