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Guest B1900 Mech

Inertial Navigation-40 Years Of Evolution

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Jim, do a search on "navigation" in the new Resources Database. Thanks for the contribution. :)Just a comment... Ferranti (bought by Marconi and now BAE) was so "successful" in the marine nav world with the RLG King mentions in his article, that they no longer compete against the Sperry MK49 and MK39 or the Litef PL41 MK4 (same as Sperry MK39's), the SAGEM Sigma 40, or the Raytheon/Anschutz/Honeywell MINS. I don't know if they are still in the aircraft navigation business with that unit today or not. I don't hear much of them in my line of work (RLG's and FOG's), so I suspect that BAe has pretty much exited the market.

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That was the best discription of RLG I have been able to find other than in Bill Bulfers Big Boeing FMC users guide. If that triangular peice of glass is not a piece of art work, I dont know what is!

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