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Guest JustanotherPilot

Gigabyte Geforce Gtx 680 OC driver advice

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Guest JustanotherPilot

I need help with the correct driver for the Gigabyte Geforce GTX 680 video card. I'm running Prepar3D v3  in win 7 professional The card was given to me  and has little use. I am replacing my Asus Radeon R9 270X with this and have little knowledge of the nvidia video cards. My CPU is an i7-4790K (nil OC) I'm not overclocking the video card.


I updated to the latest driver,  358.87 after fitting the GPU. While running a loaded departure in Prepar3D v3 for a short time I lose the graphics and get a black screen, I still have atc and other sound but no screen.


ALL other windows applications run fine using this driver it's only when in P3D v3 I have the problems. I'm rolling back the driver to 358.50, which according to some posts is quite stable. I don't suffer from the black screen and it appears to be okay with the driver.


As I'm unfamiliar with nvidia graphics cards, can someone tell me what is considered the best driver for this card. As it's quite a popular graphics card, albeit older, can users of this in Prepar3D v3 let me know the driver they are using.



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Hello Steve.  A new Nvidea Driver came out today that is GTX 680 compatible.  358.91 WHQL   http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/94208/en-us

You might want to completely Uninstall your old Nvidea Drivers first which will leave a nice clean slate to Reinstall your new Driver. 


To uninstall your Nvidea Driver,  download this program     http://www.guru3d.co...r-download.html



Open the folder.  You will see this.  Right click and Run as Administrator





 Run in safe mode.  Your computer will restart automatically 






Click red arrow.  Your computer will restart  automatically





Then run Ccleaner (free version) this will clean anything left over.  Run Cleaner and Registry    https://www.piriform...leaner/download






Reinstalling your new Driver


Right click on the Nvidea Installer and Run as Administrator, there would be harm to also add add it to your Exclusions Zone in your Ant virus Software. 

Run the installer,  you will see this.


Click Custom (red arrow)  and hit next






Check the box  Perform a Clean Installation  and hit next




After installation, restart your computer manually to insure best results.   Try that first anyway and take it from there. 





Elaine Dixon 

AVSIM Prepar3D Guide     Prepar3D® Wiki       AVSIM CTD Guide     How to post a Screenshot 



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Guest JustanotherPilot



Thanks for your reply, and images to assist. I have done as you have detailed and all is good so far, since I have the OC version I'll see if I can get some "GURU II" overclocking settings to beef up the performance. I've made two, one hour flights and this GPU offers better performance than the R9 270X.


thanks again

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