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Problem with XP

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okay here is my problem...I have Windows 2000 and bought Windows XP becasue my joystick a thrustmaster wouldn't work with windows 2000 it said it wasn't finding the drivers...anyways I didn't want to deleate windows 2000 because I would loose alot off I put both Windows 2000 and XP on the same Computer but on diffrent hard drives...then I moved FS 2002 to the XP side and flew..everything worked studuring at all..well after 4-5 days of flying in XP..I started to loose many of my runways, onetime I took off from Miami and there was no airport around for miles...actually there was none at I decide to unistall Windows 2000 and just load XP on the whole computer..well it didn't work I wasn't able to load XP on my computer at all...what can I do to be able to fly again....please help...please Chad Moore

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Your best bet is to reformat both the partitions you had Win2K and WinXP. Start your computer, enter BIOS, and look for the Boot Devices. Change the boot sequence so it first boots from the CDROM. Before saving and exiting BIOS, place your WinXP CD into the drive. Once you save and exit BIOS, the computer should reboot.Look for "Boot from CD..., Hit any key!" on your lower left corner of your monitor. Hit any key before the computer tries to load anything else.Hopefully, you will start the WinXP installation process. One of the processes is to format the various partitions. Format your partitions as necessary.If for some reason the above doesn't work, find a Boot Floppy Disk. I usually use a Win98 Boot Floppy. You may have a Win2K Boot Floppy. You need to enter BIOS again and change the boot sequence to floppy, save and exit BIOS with the Boot Floppy in the drive. It should come up to the A: DOS prompt. Type DIR Format and see if the Format.exe is on the floppy. It may not be on the floppy but could be on a RAM drive, the floppy makes in your computer's RAM memory. If so, you will need to change to that RAM drive, e.g., G: . When you find the Format.exe program, type the following at the DOS prompt:Format C: /S - This will format drive C: and place the system files in the boot sector. I am assuming you had Win2K on drive C:You can format any of the other partitions with the following:Format (drive_letter): Replace (drive_letter) with the drive you want to format, e.g., D:, E:, F:, etc.Once you have the partitions that contained Win2K and WinXP reformated, reboot your computer to the BIOS. Change the boot sequence to CDROM, save, and exit. Make sure the WinXP CD is in the drive when you reboot.Hope this helps, let us know!W. Sieffert

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