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Virtavia Globemaster FD wont engage

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I found the Virtavia Globemaster on a list of unofficial compatible addons for P3D V2. I love the aircraft however since the second flight the flight director just wont engage. Please help

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If all else fails, try loading the default flight of your that has the default ac running with engines on


Then load your ac into default flight. might help clear up maybe you missing part of the ac seteup.

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You're telling the VATSIM former CZYZ-FE and IVAO CA-AOC/WM and current XA-WM that I'm missing something in the setup. I don' t think so

I'm looking for an answer closer to the FSX and P3D default autopilots are different and a link to a plugin or something

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You should have put your senior title in the post, then I would not have suggested such easy fix.


I like starting cold and dark, but the number of times I have had issues with that fixed by trying default flight is uncountable. Once I see it working there I know my cold and dark start need another try.

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I just purchased few days ago, installing now.


You better find a way to get it working, aint getting stuck with addon I cant use.


my fault for buying fsx ac for p3dv3

let you know how it goes here after install

ok just tried it here after install, and FD is ON


using win7 if it helps.

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yep I use windows 7 P3D V2. It worked for the first flight then nothing. The click spot is there but the damn thing just wont engage

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Are you talking about flight director or Autopilot when you say engage. 


Using the word engage makes me assume you talking about AP.


Cause if its flight director, you can get a PFD that has FD, and use that as 2d panel.


I have a few addons that have no FD, but I added PFD to the ac that has FD support. Example default mooney acclaim in p3d.


If all else fails add PFD with FD, there are freeware PFD's all over the place, you need the name of one am using ps let me know on this thread my PM email down. Think I got it from Avsim library.


Adding thrird party PFD to the ac maybe away to get around the failing FD.


I just undock the PFD, and make it almost the same size as the VC PFD, then put it over the VC PFD.


Since you into cargo, I just bought Area51 C5 for FSX, and that is also looking quite nice vc and exterior, not tested in flight but atleast loads ok and all in VC seemed operational atleast at a glance.


Will be a while before I fly c17 to let you know how I get on with fd after first flight, cause I just filled my hanger with about 7 pawware freeware for AirHauler . Lots of nice freeware cargo on Rikoooo website.

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I meant the FD not autopilot. I will do a fresh install of windows 7 and try again. Hopefully that fixes it, I'm having some other weird issues that no one else seems to have as well. When I scroll the altitude/hdg it scrolls in 100/1000 increments way too much, it's a pain

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Also try delete  refresh p3d cfg before win7 reinstall, it fixes some issues


If you gona take such a big step, better make sure to comeback with a good backup system.


After years of hurt from  such, I got Acronis 2015 (I don't recommend this product) and 6T network drive, I backup before every change. Cant count number of times it saved me a reinstall of windows or p3d.


I OC my system heavily, and sometimes this causes crash, which shockingly corrupts some files at times, saved by backup when this happens.


Someone  recommended macrium backup, its what I want to replace acronis 2015 with when I gave the funds


I wount  fly p3d fsx ever again without some industrial back system, Incremental backups  are quite fast on the right tool. But Acronis fails to bakup to my network drive unless its a full backup other than incremental,  crap product.

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