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  1. I meant the FD not autopilot. I will do a fresh install of windows 7 and try again. Hopefully that fixes it, I'm having some other weird issues that no one else seems to have as well. When I scroll the altitude/hdg it scrolls in 100/1000 increments way too much, it's a pain
  2. yep I use windows 7 P3D V2. It worked for the first flight then nothing. The click spot is there but the damn thing just wont engage
  3. Shouldn' t the FD be available after the battery is turned on??
  4. You're telling the VATSIM former CZYZ-FE and IVAO CA-AOC/WM and current XA-WM that I'm missing something in the setup. I don' t think so I'm looking for an answer closer to the FSX and P3D default autopilots are different and a link to a plugin or something
  5. I found the Virtavia Globemaster on a list of unofficial compatible addons for P3D V2. I love the aircraft however since the second flight the flight director just wont engage. Please help
  6. Thanks for the info guys! I'll probably buy FSUIPC and do it that way. Just downgraded to windows 7 so I'm still reinstalling all my stuff atm tho. Thanks again
  7. Is there a way to autostart applications such as Active Sky and/or FPFS with FSX or FSX:SE??
  8. What is the GNS430/530 situation for both sims. I don't believe RXP is compatible with P3D and in XP9 I remember there was that stupid basic FMS in all planes. Have they both both accurately simulated the GPS's with the flightplan functionality?? What about the weather engine in XP10. Is the real world weather comparible to what I get with Active Sky Next and Rex?? What about scenery?? is there anything for Xplane that compares to ORBX??
  9. The autopilot on my PA34 Seneca V is glitchy. Sometimes after takeoff I engage the HDG button and the aircraft turns to about 160 degrees to the left of where the bug is. I can still control the heading but it is coming nowhere near the bug, as I mentioned almost 180 degrees off. Also when I engage the GPS mode direct to somewhere it seems to take me direct to the VOR nearest the airport I just departed, not the programmed VOR. Both of these issues with the HDG and NAV happen always at the same time and the autopilot vertical guidance is always ok. The only way to fix this seems to be to reload the aircraft, and after obtaining clearance online and loading the fuel etc it is a pain to restart the flight. Any ideas??
  10. Well it shouldn't. If ATC gives you a heading to fly you must fly that heading, if you get wind from the left, the aircraft will get pushed to the right(wind drift), but it should still follow the heading bug.
  11. HDG I believe is automatically correcting for wind drift, if I get wind from left, a/c flies right of heading bug, wind for right it goes left of heading bug I'm not quite sure what exactly gyro drift is,I'll read up on it later tonight, but if memory and common sense serve aint it how a compass is off when in a turn?? Or is that something completely different?? Idk but I've never seen this happen before, although I just intalled a fresh copy of FSX Steam with only my PA-34 installed so far so I guess it's possible I'm wrong about what what gyro drift is and maybe it wasn't enabled before.
  12. I bought the PA34 Seneca V from Carenado and it seems like it is auto correcting for wind drift, the heading stayed about 10 degrees right of the heading bug on autopilot. I had a crosswing right to left of about 12kts. This is a problem for ATC control when flying online. Any ideas what's going on. I haven't found any similar postings
  13. While the FSX: Steam preview is loading I now get an error that ASconnect is not compatible with my fsx steam version. However it worked before I installed REX Essentials+Overdrive and REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I tryed reintalling simconnect, asconnect, active sky next and I'm stumped
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