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Networking ASN & Other Addons on P3D v2

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Hey All,

So I have just recently setup a successful connection for a network connection between my main PC and my secondary one (thanks to Froogle's Video). Now, I'm trying to install ASN on the secondary one and have it run on my main PC. I am not too sure on how exactly to install it. Do I just install it the default way or do I install it on my shared drive and run it off of my secondary PC? Or is there another way? Also, could I install and run 737NGX on the second computer with FS2Crew and RAAS Professional or does that have to be on the main PC? Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if I'm not being clear on the presenting the information.




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you can network ASN from client, but NGX goes with P3D server you Sim machine.


I have networked ASN as well. Install ASN anywhere outside C/programfiles on your network machine.


Not sure if you can network fs2crew as I never used it. 


Don't forget to set ASN shortcut to run as administrator and add ASN to allowed programs in firewall of your network machine


I created a folder on my network machine C:\P3d_Addons . in that folder I installed

1. ASN





That way as you add more stuff to run from network they can all be in same place and easier to manage

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Thanks Simmer. Some reason, ASN is not showing accurate weather on my main PC. It says that it is says "Waiting for the Simulator". I just have the ASN Command Center installed on my second computer and have the server (as_serv) installed on my main PC. Do I have to have ASN installed on both computers? Or is there another problem?

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If it says waiting for simulator there is something wrong with your simconnect.


ASN should only be on client as you have done, with asn connect utility on main pc. This you done.


Looks like you have installed ok. But you may need to revisit your simconnect setup.


As well as following Froogle instructions also check ASN networking guide in their manual, see if you missed anything setting up simconnect, For example port used by ASN needs to be set to allowed in firewall.


Also an easy test, disable antivirus to check, or add ASN to safe program in anti virus.


In summary you installed ok, but seems your simconnect setup has issues.


Most of the time, problem with Simconnect is a typo in the files you setup.


I wish all network addons will just use WIDEFS7, you almost have nothing to do to set that up.


Please check Froogle vid again to retrace your steps setting up simconnect.


ASN only needs installed on your client as you done.

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Its weird, because WideFS has connected. It's just in ASN that isn't wanting to connect. I'm going to check and see if there is something missing. By the way, does that port need to be forwarded? 

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I just set the port to allowed. I think I used port 500. I set to allowed on both Server and Client.


I had issues with my simconnect during setup, and it was all down to typos.


Also for ASN it wants the simconnect file in root of your documents folder on client.


ProATC wants its simconnect file inside its install folder, but ASN wants it in root of user/documents

If not for this AVSIM editor that you need to read a manual to use, I would have CTRL+C then CTRL+V my simoconnect file here for you to see, used to be able to do that in AVSIM  2007 when technology was not so good as today.  Go figure!

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Now, when you say "SimConnect file", do you mean the SimConnect.cfg file or the .xml file?

-By the way, thanks for helping

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