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Robert McDonald

Best CPU for P3dv3 with multiple "NON-SLI" GPU cards

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Hi fellow pilots!


Current system is i5 2600k OC to 4ghz seems to run stable and hold 40 fps in P3dv3.1 using GTX Titan 6gb Vram card (1st gen Titan) with single 27" monitor @ 1920x1080p and vsync at 1/2 refresh rate.


I have returned to P3dv3 from XPlane 10, where I was running 3 PCs with 3 graphics cards, and getting wonderful performance no break apart, via network connection.


I have all the Orbx eye candy on, including Global, Vector, NorCal, SoCal, PNW, yada yada, plus Active Sky Next, which I truly love along with Rex Direct 4 and Soft Clouds.


I'm perfectly happy with performance with single monitor, but I'm missing the triple displays I enjoyed with my 3PCs/3 Monitors in XPlane 10.  I am wondering if 3 distinct GPU cards in just one single PC can run P3D with all the goodies and give me a smooth view across 3 monitors?  If yes, which CPU would be ideal?


Without offending anyone, I am NOT a fan of "WidevieW", and find the views to be distorted, non-synchronous, and prone to breaking apart on rapid movement of yoke (up/down or left/right).

So I've been flying P3D with just ONE display.  And wondering between a SKYLAKE i7 6700k OC chip vs a 5960X OC chip.  I am well aware the base clock on the skylake blows away the 5960X.  I am also aware the 5960 has much more substantial CACHE ram than Skylake in addition to double the cores.


In reading the threads here, it seems that while the extra cores of the 5960X would help texture load times, the Skylake should produce markedly higher Frames rates, even as compared to my current 2600k.


The BIG question is my 'ultimate goal' of three displays left at -60 FOV, center at 0 FOV and right at +60 FOV for a total field of view of about 180 degrees...  I do NOT simply want the super wide stretched out nVidia "surround" display, that's why I'm thinking of three gpus off one PC, not just 3 monitors off 1 gpu card.  This would be NON-SLI configuration, very important do not want SLI.


I know I'll need a Maximus ROG type motherboard (I like ASUS but open to other brands) for the 5960x and new DDR4 ram.


Question 1:  What will performance be like?  Will driving 3 video cards hurt frames??

Question 2:  Is my goal 'do-able' in that I want a view as if looking out the real airplane, left side - center (straight ahead) and right side?  


If any of you are running such a setup I would appreciate a response, either here in forum or via PM, please.


This setup would be solely for P3Dv3  and would NEVER be used for other high demand tasks like video editing, bitcoin mining, or whatever.  Strictly a flight sim and ONLY P3D.


All replies appreciated.  Please include your chip and mobo and gpu models.  


oh:  Must all GPUS be the same model?  I would initially run with Titan X driving Center monitor and two GTX770 6gb gamer cards driving left and right monitors, thus my question if dissimilar nvidia cards would 'work' or not?



 R. Scott McDonald  B738/L   Information is anecdotal only-without guarantee & user assumes all risks of use thereof.                                               



Click Here for my YouTube channel 


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