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MU-2B-60 - Cabin Pressurisation Controls

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Hello everyone - and a Happy 2016!


I've been using the MU-2 (v2.0 purchased from Just Flight) for a couple of weeks now, absolutely love it to bits and use it as often as I can when I get some free time to sim. Unfortunately, I've having a little problem with the Cabin Pressurisation controls and possibly one or two of the other gauges...


I'm using P3DV2.5 (Version 2.5.12943.0, SImConnect Version on Windows 7 x64


I have noticed if I'm a little over-enthusiastic spinning the CABIN ALT knob and I hit the lower or upper CABIN ALT dial limits the dial/knob gets stuck, after which I am unable to make any further adjustements to the cabin pressure. If I exit the flight without saving and start over again, the knob will be free again and the dial moves - but if I save the flight, quit and and resume the same flight (i.e. try to build up some history with the aircraft) the knob and dial remain stuck.


I've tried uninstalling the MU-2, deleting the aircraft folder, re-downloading and re-installing but the problem persists. The first time I installed the aircraft, I had Roland's Weather Radar gauge for ASN installed and working fine. The second time I tried without the weather radar to see if it made any difference but it didn't.


This is more of a question - when I spin the RATE MIN-MAX dial, is the climb rate gauge for the cabin pressure (the one above the hourmeter) supposed to move accordingly? In my MU-2, the dial doesn't move and this is regardless of whether or not CABIN ALT dial is stuck. I have the other switches set to 'BOTH ENG',  and and 'AUTO' (not sure the others matter but for what it's worth I have them at 'FLOOR' and 'COLD'.


Lastly, probably unrelated, but I noticed that when using course selection knob on the co-pilot's HSI, it seems to be inoperative - at least on my MU-2. The heading bug works though.


Hope someone can help me with my queries - or set me straight if I'm doing something wrong. I'm by no means an expert and this is the most complex aircraft I've tried to get to grips with in P3D so far. Please let me know if you need any more info from me.





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