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FS2AUDIO.dll file failed to load - 0x7e error

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I am attempting to update my TM installation, but now have problems. Yes, I have read the FAQ and I see I am supposed to update my DirectX.. (I have put the dll file into the Windows/System32 and the Windows\SysWOW64 folders - I run Win7 x64), but that is proving difficult, believe it or not...


According to DirectX Diag, I have DirectX 11, but I gather I need v9.0c for the dll file to work? I read that DX11 is fine for FS9 so long as FS9 is not installed in the main Programs/Programs (x86) folders, which mine is... Also read that DX9.0 should already be on my PC somewhere (I know that the various versions are separate, like Microsoft.NET, not updates) but I can't locate it, if so.


How do I update or install DX9.0c? All the links I click on (including the one in the FAQ - lead me to a Microsoft page preparing me to install Windows 10 (no thanks!), rather than anything to do with DirectX!!


Could anyone kindly advise further on this issue and, if I do need to install DX9.0c, post a link to the latest version? I downloaded a file dxwebsetup.exe, 308kb, which purports to be DirectX web setup, but running it, while looking promising ("Welcome to setup for DirectX"), does nothing: I get 'Installation Complete" immediately - nothing installs (and FS2Audio.dll still gives me 0x7e error.). The download was from here:


I'm tempted to go back to v1.2 of the plane (with the wav files in the gauge folder)! What with all the other issues I have had with flaps etc., I am at my wits end with this aircraft!! I only persist due to the obvious quality of the software (and the perhaps naive belief that it will come right in the end!).






LATER: I found the package here, finally:


I get no .dll error now and the sounds seem to be working in the a/c. We'll see if the problem is permanently fixed, as I try the a/c over the next few days! Still need to get the flaps working with my Saitek X52.


Hope this helps someone else...



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Hi Martin,


Many, many thanks for posting this. I have just encountered the problem myself after a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate and can confirm that installing DirectX v9.0c cures it!




Richard :-)

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