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No Heavy Static of AI Airline Traffic?

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For some reason, I am seeing no static or AI airline aircraft in FSX. I have the older version of Ultimate Traffic for FSX which has worked fine for a number of years. I do see the default General Aviation aircraft only. With my aircraft at an KIAD gate, on radar I see 22 aircraft in the air within a 40 mile radius, but all have NXXX numbers and are the GA aircraft. No Heavies at any location I can find. (KIAD, KJFK, KSFO, KORD, etc.)


I have tried a bunch of suggestions that have apparently worked for others as posted but have not found what I am doing wrong yet.



Reinstalled UT with a new download by the flightone wrapper. I do not see a way to uninstall it. Help here would be appreciated.

Edited my config.file to include "SimObjectsPaths.6=SimObjects\Airplanes\AI Airplanes" (Assume these are just the default GA Aircraft)

Removed the Traffic.bgl file

Edited the trafficAircraft.utb file to .bgl

I turned off all shadow effects in the FSX options, and the sliders are maxed to the right.

I have tried virtually turning down everything else in the options except aircraft, along with every variation of settings I can think of.


I have older backups of FSX when it was working fine. I have tried renaming and replacing folders and files from the backup that were working fine when they were active to no avail, including the entire world scenery folder, my fsx..cfg file and a number of others.


The last thing I tried was to download the AIFP3118 tool as recommended  by another post. I have tried to hunt and compile all files as recommended in order to be sure there are no AI aircraft with a FS9 format. However, I am not sure exactly how to use this tool and don't know if that did anything. The manual does a great job of telling what the tool does, but so far I have overlooked anywhere that it tells you plainly how to do it. If someone is proficient with this tool, I would appreciate a step by step tutorial in how to identify these files and be able to remove or correct them.


If anyone else has been through this scenario and knows the solution, your help would be greatly appreciate.




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Thanks to il88pp on the FlightSim forum, the problem is solved.


The SimObjects folder includes another folder installed by UT called "UT Aircraft".


I edited the main section of the fsx.cfg file to include a line item as follows:


"SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\UT Aircraft".


Airline birds are all over the place now both on the ground and in the air.


The mystery is why three installation tries with UT did not install this line this time. Without having to do anything after multiple installations over the years it installed in a user friendly manner, but after three tries this time, it was omitted.


Happy flying:


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