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I have the asn steam version and wondered why when I tune the radio frequency I get the appropriate weather but without the "you have information bravo" for example? Is this something that is not included? Or am I doing something wrong?


The reasons I ask is that I was revisiting a 777 tutorial by a well known member of the flight sim community and heard it on his atis radio broadcast. One of the other reasons is I have just started flying on vatsim and I have to look at vatspy/vattastic to get this info.

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The Metar is normally broadcast by airport with weather station, every time that change a new sequence letter is attributed following the alphabet sequence.
Now on vatsim if the tower is active, can also have a frequency for the atis and if you set it on the radio you will hear the metar information.

Using Vpilot as a client for vatsim or FSINN you will find the available frequency on the ATC list.

Not always the tower controller in Vatsim will active the Atis, even if in the real world it's normally present, the reason is fro technical aspect, maybe is not able to active it on the  ATC tool like Euroscope.
Active sky only to download the weather on your simulator, it can't talk with vatsim to get the letter before the atis, but you can set in the setting to meet the same weather condition of vatsim.

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