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arrival runway issue

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I've had a bit of an issue for a bout a week now landing at KATL, RC will give me "expect vectors for runway 8L approach" ... but all other AI are getting runways 27L and 26R because winds are 245 at 8. So RC is not only putting me in the wrong direction for wind, it is also putting me landing directly into on coming traffic. This started about a week ago when I installed a new KATL scenery. I verified the ATIS frequencies in the new. old, and stock KATL BGL files and they are all the same. Only the new one and stock is in FSX. The old one was removed from add scenery, removed from FSX folder and renamed. I checked the ATIS frequencies because I noticed when coming in to KATL just now, RC read out loud on the ATIS info "landing and departing runway 8L" where the green banner across the screen said landing and departing runway 27R, runway 26L, runway 26R, runway 27L, and runway 28." The banner is correct due to the wind direction and RC is assigning all incoming AI either runway 27L or runway 26R for landing. It's only me that RC is not assigning the proper runway/direction. I've checked everything I can think of and have posted for help in other forums and no one replies. Hoping someone here might have the answer since this seems to be an RC issue somehow. And yes, I always rebuild the scenery DB/run make runways after every single update to FSX scenery.


As an update: I use Active Sky Next and have always had the destination weather locked for 40nm out, I just recently installed MyTraffic6 (installed at the same time as the KATL scenery to accommodate the increase in traffic), FUSIPC is installed and had weather smoothing activated and TCAS set to 0. for FSX I have FSX Acceleration.


Additional update: I just double checked the FUSIPC TCAS info and it was set to 40nm, I guess that was done when I installed MyTraffic6. I changed it back to 0. It will be quite a few hours before I can report if this resolved the problem or not since I'm about to depart for KALB and then will return to KATL. I think it will since when I did a test flight yesterday, I started from an airport that was right at about 40nm from KATL and RC gave me the correct runway for landing, but coming from 1,000nm miles away, I was given the wrong runway. That would make since if RC was not seeing any AI getting assignments before I hit the 40nm mark. The odd thing is I've only noticed this at KATL and not with any of my other arrivals although that could have just been luck or lack of AI going to the same airport at the same time (KATL cannot really handle more than 40% traffic with MTraffic6, well, it could, but I'd have to circle the block and fight for a gate when I arrived).

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