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LINDA and WideFS

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i am running a selfmade A320-homecockpit with FSX on a Win7 - 2 PC-System, FSUIPC, WideFS, Arcaze-USB-Modules, LED-Drivers and display-Modules. Due to performence problems i connected 3 of my 7 USB-Devices to the second PC (not running FSX) and connected them via WideFS with FSUIPC. I defined all Buttons, Switches and Analog-Devices in FSUIPC, using the FSX-Controls and FSUIPC-Offsets spending a lot of time including programming some LUA-procedures and editing the FSUIPC.CFG. Everything is running fine with the standard FSX-Airplanes and i am very grateful to all the providers and programmers of the different peaces of software for enthusiatic flight simmers. They are doing a great job!

Now my problem:

Since the default A321 in FSX is not very realistic and lets a lot of features missing, i want to change to the new aerosoft airbus A320/A321. I already downloaded it, it works and looks very professional, but about 80% of my hardware doesnt work any more, since aerosoft doesn't use the standard controls and offsets of FSX. This could be solved by using LINDA additionally and redefining all the buttons and switches, which i am willing to do for the benefit that aerosoft offers. So i downloaded and installed the newest version of LINDA and the aerosoft airbus 4.3 v2 modules. So far so good - LINDA synchronizes with FSX, recognizes the aerosoft airbus but only those USB-Devices that are directly connected to the FSX-PC. I can program their buttons, but LINDA does not find the USB-Devices whitch are connected via WideFS. They are still persent, when i open FSUIPC itself but not via LINDA.

Does anybody work with the combination of LINDA and WideFS and is there any chance to program the "satellite-" buttons?

I hope i can find a solution because FSX slows down tremendously when i connect all devices to the main PC.


Thanks for any hint or help.



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Hi Uli


Thank you for your post and welcome to LINDA. I regularly use LINDA with the Aerosoft Airbus 3xx series. However, I have not used WideFS so I can't answer you question directly. You are correct in saying that all USB devices must be connected to the main PC to work. I am surprised that you find that this slows your system down as FSUIPC4 and LINDA impose only a light loading on the system. 


I am working on an update with the Leo Bodnar USB cards using the built-in card serial numbers to ensure correct identification. I would be interested in the VID and PID details for your Arcaze USB cards so that these can also work with LINDA.

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