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Derpinson - I have been suffering your EXACT same issue since I upgraded my graphics card from a 970 to a 1070 last week.  Oddly I used to suffer intermittent disconnects on the yoke with my 970, however the system didn't freeze with a mouse beep I just unplugged the USB, reconnected and everything came back to life.  I can only assume the extra power draw on my 1070 is overloading my system resulting in a complete system hang.

Coincidentally before discovering your thread I too surmised the issue was power related and have already ordered a power supply for the yoke and a powered USB hub.  I hope this resolves my problem but looking at this thread gives me hope!

I will report back my findings once the power supplies have been delivered.


Thomas Derbyshire

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On 3/19/2016 at 5:28 AM, Derpinson said:

I don't get why you are insulting me. I said before, your problem is not the same as mine, so this solution will most likely not work for you. Your problem has a different source, therefore make another topic. 


And after running a 10 hour test, I think it's safe to say that the solution Richard proposed works, which is buying a powered USB hub, and a saitek power adapter.

I had the same issue in months and before i bought my yoke i used PS3 Controller as a yoke works as well. My issue is the same but my yoke disconnect much faster than yours. You said in 10 hours flight it disconnect around half of the flight or something like that? My yoke already disconnect after few minutes. That moment i'm starting using my yoke sometimes after a couple of minutes sometimes 30 seconds and it disconnects. And i'm following two P3D streamer on twitch and they both told me to buy an adapter and it should fix my problem. And saitek using 2.0 USB not 3.0 should have an influence, just a little bit maybe. 

So that you telling is the powered USB fix the whole problem with disconnecting right? But it has to be power from the wall. 

Not because it is totally new and first time i heard that powered USB will fix the problem but i didn't really want to buy and powered USB online and wait some weeks to get it, I have no patience to that 😕 But now i think i will go for it 110% sure. Thanks for the post i thought a lot for it, how to explain it and you did it well THANKS AGAIN :DD 

sorry for my english btw

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