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Yaw axis lagging / FDE problem?

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Hi guys,


I'm desperately trying to fix (what I think is) a FDE problem in Prepar3d V3.1.


I'll just explain what happened:


I've just bought the Milviz MD530F helicopter and experienced a weird behaviour regarding the yaw axis: When I apply right rudder, the helicopter turns about 20°, then stops. After a second it turns again for a few degrees and stops again. Sometimes the helicopter doesn't move around the yaw axis for a couple of seconds, just to turn for 180° in the next second... I would describe it as lagging. That makes it unflyable.


I thought it was a helicopter-specific problem (same problem with the standard R22), but then I found out that the Alabeo Extra 300s - and all other aircraft - have the same problem:

When I pull the nose up for about 30°, turn the Extra into the knife-edge position and let go of the controls, the nose should drop. The nose drops, but stops after a few degrees. A second later, the nose drops until it "locks" again.


I guess something is blocking the aircraft from moving around freely, especially around the yaw axis.


It has nothing to do with the controls. The pedals move as they should when I apply rudder, and the problem even occurs when I unplug all my controllers and fly with the keyboard. I've disabled all my addons (Accufeel for example), double checked the assignments and calibrated all my controllers.


Has anyone experienced something like that or even has a solution?



Thank you very much! 




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Hey Ben

Try deleting Your *.cfg file and letting it Regenerate ??

 Johnamn B)

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Hi Johnman,


thanks for that idea! I didn't think of deleting the mysterious Prepar3d.cfg. Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem.


But I found out that ASN causes the problem!


As soon as I start ASN, my helicopter becomes unflyable. I'll report that in the ASN Forum.


Thanks fou your help Johnman :)




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Hey Ben,

You're  Welcome, I'm Glad You found the Problem !

Johnman B)

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