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Nostromo N52 - very strange behaviour

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Can anyone help me find out why the N52 gives the key responses propgrammed into the profile just fine - but only until I open FS9.


I tested this by opening a cmd prompt and pressing five N52 keys..FS9 has not been started at this point. In the cmd window, this appears every time:


that is, five keys which send the key strokes: Ctrl+W; Ctrl+N; Ctrl+Y; F; K

... which is what I want to send and is what is programmed & shows in the N52 profile.

However, as soon as I run FS9.exe, the same keys on the N52 kepad immediately send a different set of key presses, according to the command window:


i.e. 7; Ctrl+W; Ctrl+N; Ctrl+Y - and the last key does nothing. That is, I think, part of an old N52 profile which I deleted when I created the new one some days ago. No trace of the old N52 profile on my PC

If I close FS9, I get the first sequence back, but only if I close the cmd window and start a new one..

So the question is, how is FS9 changing the key sequences that the N52 keypad sends - where is it getting the information from the old N52 profile being stored? The registry?? Not the FS9.cfg file as I deleted it and the new one didn't change anything. The profile editor for the N52 always shows the first, correct set of key sequences programmed, that never changes.

Any insights (assuming you can make head or tail of what I am asking!), would be welcome as this is driving me nuts!



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OK, here's a video of what's happening to make it clearer (small 12MB download - ho do I embed videos here?):!OopHRISK!EoVTFiWw_AByaUR8wb3hxrTuX2XK-q-IPfg4ozggsiw


I am always using the same key on the N52 keypad..... The N52 is programmed to type a letter 'f'

1. I tap the key a few times with the focus on a cmd window.. 'f' produced. Great...
2. Again, but with the focus now a text editor window. Again 'f' - as expected
3. I repeat 1 & 2: all still OK
4. Put focus onto FS9 window, but that's all I do.
5. Move focus straight back to the cmd window - the same key on the N52 is now producing not 'f'' now, but Ctrl+Y!
6. But back in the text editor, the 'f;' is still OK there
7. Somehow, having hit the N52 key while the focus was on the text editor, the programmed key press is restored (???)
8. ... but shift the focus to FS9 then straight back to the cmd window and the wrong key press is produced again.


The Ctrl+Y was in an old N52 profile, deleted from my PC. So where is the information coming from? The upshot is that the N52 is sending the wrong key strokes to the programmes I am trying to control with it.


I uninstalled the N52 software completely and reinstalled it. No change. Could the key presses be in FS9 somewhere? I really don't get it!

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