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NE Spain, Help Please

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I'm having trouble setting up NE Spain v 1.71 with my current P3D v3.2 setup.

I got ORBX Global + Vector + LC Europe .+ LC Canada. (REX ESS, + REX 4 TD & Soft Clouds + ASN)


Just recently installed NE Spain and found 2 manuals, one in my install folder. Manual.PDF seems older (for FSX) and states that besides  NE-Spain Base I can Choose  from Level 0 to Level 3

(or a combination to accommodate ORBX sceneries) but I only have one folder an no option to choose from.


Somewhere I read that you have moved to a one folder setup,


The other manual from the Night Environment Lightning System - Configuration Manager  App.  v1.2

According to the download file from Aerosoft I got Spain v 1.71, but the Selected Regions Says Spain 1.7, and have no sub-region.


The documentations states that I can change some settings, but I am unable to choose General Settings.

The light slider only has ON or OFF and the Global Light Size and Brightness cannot be changed either, It is preselected to Size 1.

No Starlights option either.


The fine tuning sliders can be moved, but I don't see any major changes in the scenery, and Night Texture Splash Map is set to ON.


I have done Reset and Apply several times.


NE Spain is at the TOP, I have disabled some and all ORBX stuff in scenery and this is what I see.


This is with all ORBX stuff activated. Mixed Global Lights.



This is with all ORBX stuff deactivated, including AEC, As you can see there are trees in roads.




And this is with only ORBX Vector Activated (all other ORBX stuff deactivated) Best Looking, but still far from what I have seen.




They do not resemble what I see in your NE- Spain Page.


Please Help.




MB Intel DZ77GAL-70K Proc Intel I7 3770K @3.8-4.2,  RAM 16 GB, Nvidia GTX 980Ti Windows 7 x64 Enterprise. P3D V3.2

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Hi Ramón,
Thank you for supporting our work,

i am unsure why I’m not receiving any alerts for new posts and thread from our sub-forum here on AVSIM,
as i count on these alert i mostly monitor front page; i wasn't aware, your PM is what caught my attention,
with that we do have an extensive dedicated support forums; link is in my signature,

to first address the confusion with the manuals,
what you have is not two manuals; you have one for NE and one for NEXM,

in the recent update Aerosoft rolled out they made a mistake by including our v1.8 manuals instead of v1.7,
v1.8 is the next schedule update for existing NE titles and does include everything you see in the manual now,
you will find complete information about scheduled v1.8 update here

the trees on the roads there are not part of NE they must be random autogen from third party addon,
(these will likely to be resolved by pulling back on tree density slider)

your night visuals as you already realized on your own; are not exactly as expected from NE,
our forums have allot of topics discussing many of these issues and how to bring the right visuals out of P3D,

have a go at our dedicated forums; start in P3D sun area, I’m sure you will find the recent topics of interest,
if you're still having trouble getting a handle on things; I’m always happy to help,
i have not turned a single unhappy customer to this day!

(accept for one, I’m till determined to turn him around though; i personally think he is too scared to fly at night :P)

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Hello Chriss


First of all, Thank You for addressing this and your prompt support.

As for turning an "unhappy customer", NOT my case. I was happy even before I bought NE -Spain.

Your dedication and outstanding customer service is what prompted me to start buying your products.


Thanks for the explanation in your post.


"the trees on the roads there are not part of NE they must be random autogen from third party addon,"

I believe those were there because I had deactivated ORBX Vector, since they disappeared when I re-enabled it.


I will now goTo your dedicated forums and start reading.


Only question left (for now) is how to set the Levels? Since I only have one NE Folder.


Thank You very much.



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Thank you for your kind words Ramón :wub:


for NE Spain v1.71 there are no levels as the older manual states,

you should ignore that part as this is only valid for our older v1.0/1.1/1.2 versions,

i actually went in more details about this recently here


for NE Spain or any of our v1.7+ regions there is now only a single main folder,

all settings are now applied via NEXM's GUI control panel,

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