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A "Fun-tastic" add-on - ww2 Me109 G-2...

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As some of you might have noticed, there was a long hiatus away from X-Plane 10, and also FSX, while I diverted into two well known combat flight simulators, DCS amd Battle of Stalingrad.


I came back to X-Plane 10 for two main reasons - good News about upcoming products and fixes in version 10.45 and the upcoming 10.50 AND a need to really get away from the addiction of spending hours in front of the PC monitor, with that ridiculous TIR5 in my hat, and hat in my head, playing war games ... shooting at other aircraft... USELESS!


Not only am I a total hater of anything related to War, even more when mixing War and my preferred subject ever ( other than women ) - aviation - but I also find a total and useless waste of precious time investing simmer slots in dogfights :-/  


There was also an aggravated effect on my neck - it started to heart every morning... This was for sure a result of standing at the PC, making slight head movements to cope with TIR5's sensitivity, and so on...


But! During this period I had the chance to learn a lot of interesting stuff about the only positive aspect that ww2 aircraft may have - the advances in aeronautical engineering and the superb techniques used by aircraft manufacturers to bring their creations to an ever growing level of sophistication.


I became a real fan of Germnan aircraft, and also of some Russian fighters. The Me-109 K-4, G-2, F-4 and a few more variants, available in DCS and BoS were some of the best examples. I really enjoyed being able to feel the effect of the superb flight dynamics available for both DCS and IL2 BoS... but comming back to X-plane 10 made me even more fascinated by the true potential of it's flight modeling engine which, correctly used and tweaked, can bring aircraft models ti a superior quality, pretty much on pair with what we have in both DCS and il2 bos...


My attention was captured by an Me Bf 109 G-2 recently released by MLADG. There's a single developer behind the project, but he's a tallented one, and I have been able to exchange some interesting stuff with him, and he even decided to change some aspects of the modeling and a first update is about to be released, bringing this 109 closer to reality.


I really enjoy the way it is modeled. Edited it in Plane Maker and tried to fine tune some aspects, and even did some tweaking in the SASL code. I'd say it is on pair with the feel I got in il2 bos and DCS, and even better when it comes to grassfield operations, which IMO are much better modeled in X-Plane 10.


And... in X-Plane 10 I can actually "fly" it without entering stupid / useless simulated air combats, just like if I was Klaus Plasa from the Me Museum in Germany, with whoom I had the chance to exchange some very informative emails. Flying with real world weather, all around the World, is another big advantage of X-Plane over those combat flight simulators with their restricted flying and epoch areas...


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