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Roberto Alfieri

List of bugs of the X-PLANE VERSION

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I know, this is the FSX/P3D section but I can't see an xplane section so I want to see if someone can help me, I have bought the TBM850 for X-Plane and I have several problems:


- Text on MFD panel is bigger than the screen are, so goes out and it is impossible to read/make choices

- The checklist is locked on "emergency" and it is impossible to change group; if I go on the next list, X-Plane freezes for several seconds

- If you navigate in the emergency checklist, text moves randomly on screen

- If you click on screens to popup, panels are bigger than my resolution (I have 3 1920x1200 monitors)

- If I use my Saitek panel to set altimeter the gauge becomes crazy (on all other aircrafts works perfectly)

- G1000 softbuttons often loose any action

- G1000 range don't goes over 50 miles


this is what I have discovered in a couple of days of tentatives, never had a full flight


anyone in my situation????

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I think it's better to post this in the Carenado support forum at x-plane.org:




The main developer of the X-Plane versions (Dan Klaue) is reading and answering there regularly.


When you post there, attach your log.txt to your post.

Mario Donick .:. vFlyteAir

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