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Dane Watson

Toggle GPS Window Problem

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When you toggle the GPS window the mouse wheel will only change the megahertz frequencies on the large knob, the small knob for the kilohertz frequencies does not respond to the mouse. You have to use the GPS mounted in the panel and you can then use the mouse wheel to change frequencies. Why is that?


Also what are the two Collins Comm radios used for that are located below the panel mounted GPS?


I only wish there was a proper manual from Carenado.



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The position where you can use the wheel is in a different spot in the popup GPS vs. the GPS in the VC.

There are no two Collins Comm radios: Only the left is (COM2 radio), the other should have been labeled Collins Nav (NAV2 radio).

You might want to look at:


I have bought a C337G manual to fill in the spots that are left open by Carenado's manual, and there are many online resources (e.g. this forum :)) available for the C337 aircraft. Feel free to ask more questions when you have them.

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Thanks ThomasAH for your reply.

Appreciate the info on the Collins radios mislabeling. 


You said the GPS popup has a differnt place than the VC GPS for the mouse wheel for the kilohertz frequencies, but you didn't tell me where it is - I just cannot seem to find the correct spot anywhere.


Also where can I purchase the C337G manual?


Sorry, but I just now found the hidden spot for the mouse wheel to change kilohertz frequencies on the GPS popup.


Thank you.


Ps, This C337 from Carenado is a lovely looking and performing aircraft, however, I have found that because Carenado does not keep it's programming like most of the others for Microsoft FSX it is difficult to simply operate the aircraft in the same way you can other aircraft. Like for instance the hotkey mapping for the GPS to be synced to my Logitech joystick I had to change the Panel.cfg Window numbering.  Also the Collins COM2 and NAV2 radios do not sync to my NumPad for quick entering of frequencies.


I am on the look out for another C337 that has a VC and is more in keeping with the Microsoft FSX specs.

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I bought it at

You can find a free PDF for an earlier variant by doing a web search for Cessna 337 POH.


COM2/NAV2 do not have standby frequencies in the VC, but FSX internally has them, so whatever you use to set it should still work, just not be displayed. You would need something to trigger swapping standby with active though. I have done this with the VRInsight M-Panel and with an Android app named PW372 Radio Stack.


I haven't tried using hotkeys for the GPS, but changing COM1/NAV1 and swapping standby/active via external controls works fine with that, too.

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