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Can you run 4K TV at 1080p or 1440

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Hello all...  I was wondering if you can run P3D v3 with a triple 4K tv setup at lower settings till I get video cards that will support triple 4k monitors.


I need to get the structure built and that requires having the displays. I really want to run triple monitors but 4k is amazing and I only have a single 970 at the moment. 

So, can I run the 4k TV's at 1080p to start and then be able to step up to 1440 then ultimately 4K as I increase GPU power.

CPU is a 4790K 4.0 not overclocked yet.


Has anyone tried multiple GTX 1080 to see if they will power triple 4K setup?




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Yes you can. That is exactly what I am doing with three 50" 4k tvs. Running three gtx 970 in sli at 1080p.



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Just out of curiousity.

Did you try the below setups and if so which one was better ?

Opinions vary on the benefit of SLI.


1. 3 monitors connected to 1 card in a triple SLI setup

2. 3 monitors : 1 monitor per card

3. 3 monitors connected to 1 card

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What type of frame rates and smoothness are you getting with that setup?



Interesting question I was thinking the same thing.


Do you think it would be better to buy a GTX 1080 to go along with my GTX 970 or two more 970's?

I currently have 4 monitors hooked to one GTX 970 (believe it is a SC).

47" 1080p TV as main display 40"1080p TV as overhead and two 24" 1080p monitors for instruments.

PMDG 737 is primary aircraft.

4790K 4.0 (need to OC, but don't know how, time to start reading)


I have just started reading on how to optimize for smoothness and stable non stuttering frame rates. 

With default scenery and almost maxed sliders I get around 45fps.


With ORBX Meigs Field frames drop below 17 and stutters increase to point of not really usable without putting in time to see if I can optimize it. Added infinity mask and threw in a random number and the frames jumped up to mid 20's. Think I might have also added FFTF=0.01 also, it was late.

Need to decided on main display setup so I can start building it out.




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