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Brunner FFB Yoke - Software or Hardware Trim w/ P3D/FSX?

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I got my Brunner FFB Yoke and so far absolutely love it.


I'm still in the tweaking phase, and would love to get some input from other users on how they are implementing trim functionality.


I'm a student pilot IRL flying a Cessna 172S, so I use the A2A C172 addon in P3Dv3.3.


So are most of you who have the Brunner using hardware or software trim?


I like the way hardware trim "feels" when relieving yoke pressure, but obviously the in-game trim does not move because they are disconnected.  Does this materially impact the flight model in your experience; i.e. since the trim in-game will always show centered, will this effect, say, my power-off stall dynamics/realism or is the impact of trim pretty minor when it comes to effect on aerodynamic performance?


When experimenting with software trim, I notice that the in-game trim wheel movement is VERY slow when I use the rocker switch on the Brunner yoke.  Is this changeable?  Also, is it my imagination, or does software trimming actually have a hardware impact on the yoke albeit much more subtlety than the hardware trim option.


Any input on this is greatly appreciated... as is a profile if anyone has one for the A2A C172.





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