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Prepar3d V3.3 with Blurry Textures

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He all, I am having an issue with my textures after I record with shadow play and upload them to YouTube after editing on Windows Movie Maker.  


My Specs, at i7,GTX 970,16 GB Ram, Nividia set to Full Dynamic Range with HDR lighting off I believe.  I have to many addons to name...



Here is my channel if any of you want to watch my videos and give me suggestions if it keeps occurring It happens mainly in the PMDG 777 at during night flight.  The cockcpit comes up with dark but cadarac like textures....  I have deleted the ones that were doing an attempting to see if it was windows movie maker causing the issue. If anyone has ever had the same thing happen, let me know if I can fix it!


Thank you all!!

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