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P3D using Steam Link to 4K TV

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Hey Guys,


Before I get blasted that our beloved P3D isn't a game :Party:, can't be had fun with, and I must only run it while wearing a lab coat during work hours, I have a question I've never seen discussed.


Has anyone successfully streamed P3D using the Steam Link and In-Home Streaming?  I've got my desktop upstairs with my full hotas setup, rudder pedals, 34" widescreen etc, all great stuff... But sometimes I simply don't want to be isolated in my office upstairs.


I picked up a new 65" 4K HDR TV for downstairs (wife was THRILLED when she got home and saw that on the wall :wub: ) and have been enjoying all my other sims (flying/racing) and general games via the Steam Link downstairs streaming from the desktop upstairs with a wireless keyboard/mouse/and whatever controller I'm in the mood for (Steam Link supports them all).  Works beautifully, no lag, and even ties into my surround sound setup.  This is using Steam games, as well as Origin games and other non Steam applications.  Basically, it gives you access to your full desktop in real time.


Unfortunately I can't get P3D to work properly.  Best I can tell it is because of the initial launcher screen or maybe because of P3D's lack of a true full screen?  P3D will launch after being added as a non-Steam application, but then things get confused and I can't proceed further and must Alt-Tab back to desktop and close P3D.  Other applications with launch screens do ok, as well as in full screen borderless window mode.


Obviously an alternative is just run a long HDMI or Display Port cable, but literally everything else works great, so struggling to see that P3D simply won't.  Some more popular non native Steam programs do require a random tweak or two, but P3D just isn't popular enough to even be a blip on the radar when googling this topic.  I can even get all my Office apps working great.


Thanks for any thoughts, and if I'm the only one to ever try this (as I suspect),  I'll keep tinkering with it a bit more.


Do gotta say, while I am not a big fan of DTG's Flight School overall, 65 inches of love is a glorious thing for the old FSX engine  :dance:

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