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need some help (regarding Doug Dawson's XML sound gauge)

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Hi to all...


I am looking into adding an aural alert sound for the FS9 default king air altitude selector, that will sound off once the altimeter reading passes 1,000ft before the selected altitude on the selector, and will sound off again intermittently when the altimeter reading drifts 200ft above or below the selected altitude on the selector... (I already have the .wav file for the sound)


I was looking at Doug's XML sound gauge to facilitate the feature, but I'm getting confused by how to properly code it, plus, I'm having difficulty as to finding the .ini file being mentioned in the readme...


if anyone has a complete or detailed tutorial on how to use/configure the gauge for this purpose, it will be much appreciated... I think I can figure out what to do from there on in from my (still very) limited coding experience


thanks much!


(I downloaded the version 5.2.0 of the gauge from his site)

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Sound00=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/ALERT.wav

Sound01=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/BEEP.wav

Sound02=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/VOICE_V1.wav

Sound03=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/VOICE_VR.wav

Sound04=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/engine fire bell.wav

Sound05=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/Conc_sign.wav

Sound06=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/Attend3.wav

Sound07=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/button.wav

Sound08=./Aircraft/DMFS Shared Files/Vickers SVC10 Panel/click.wav







Lvar02=DM SOUND V1









Actual gauge

<!-- Cabin Pressure Aural Warning -->



         <Value>(L:Cabin_Alt_ind,number) 10000 > (L:ALT_PRESSED,bool) 0 == and

if{ 2 (>L:DM SOUND BEEP,number) } els{ 0 (>L:DM SOUND BEEP,number) }</Value>




This may help you. Make sure that in the ini file you have a high enough number for max sounds. You need under [sounds] to create a link to the actual wav. file. Under [LVars] create the L var name. Make sure that the sound number agrees with the lvar number. Then when you create the gauge use the lvar from the ini file. Use number because there are three variables 0 to turn the sound off, 1 to play it once and 2 to repeat the sound.

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much thanks for the reply


one question, where do I find the .ini file? or will it be automatically generated when I code the gauge into the panel.cfg file?


EDIT: ok I think I found the file, much thanks again!

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