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What is a good route to go from fairly amatuer to pretty advanced?

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Hi everyone,


I've played with flight sims and had a few lessons over the years but never had the time to get particularly serious about it. I'm currently changing jobs and have three weeks off, so thought I'd spend some time learning as much as possible.


Ideally I'd let to end up confidently flying complex jets like the FF767, ixeg 737 and Saab 340 IFR on Vatsim.


My plan at the moment is this:


Complete the free Aviatior90 series in the Airfoil Labs Cessna

Complete the Aviator Pro course in relevant aircraft

Start making VFR flights on Vatsim in Cessna or something similarly simple

When I feel completely confident, start making IFR flights on Vatsim


Once I'm entirely confident doing that, move onto a more advanced aircraft on Vatsim


Does this seem reasonable, and can anyone suggest any more sources or amendments to studying this way?

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this sounds completely reasonable to me. You are basically taking the path of every real pilot.

Some people just skips the 'single prop', VFR part of their trainings and jump into IFR in large jumbos, but then, they cannot fly by hand, land with crosswind or take care of navigation while having FMC failure.


If you want, you can also watch my short series of video about VFR flight planning. I am private pilot with PPL and I explain there how to create and plan your VFR flight:



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