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Filenames and Authors of great freeware

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Guest Shalomar

Donny AKA ShalomarFly 2 ROCKS!!!Inspired By Sonar's "My Links to great Freeware"This is "freeware recomendations from dummies":-) Those who have trouble with posting links and just want to give filenames and authors. To find this stuff, you can use "extended search" and put the filename in the right blank, or if you search by author you might find more great stuff by the same person. Unless otherwise noted, all aircraft have both VC and 2D panels included (some have "light" models included with the "full").First, from http://hovercontrol.com NOTE: When searching downloads from Hovercontrol, LEAVE OUT the .zip part. You will get "no files match your description", but if you leave out the .zip it works fine. I usually type it in when searching Avsim and it works fine. Also, if you are having a lot of trouble with choppers in FS9- turn down your general realism slider, they do act up at max. I was getting pretty good at the basics in other sims but couldn't keep an FS9 chopper in the air for thirty seconds, now I am just about at the same as the others.HSIHUD.zip by Steve Hanley There are a few HUDs for helicopters, but I really like this one. Comes with mods to make it work in the 206 and instructions for putting it in *any* FS9 helicopter.Bell407PHI.zip by Manuel E. Gonzalez The 206's big bro, this particular file has a fix for manually starting the engine built in.BACK TO AVSIM:B58TC.zip by Siggi Shaeffer Between the default and the Dreamfleet, there is a Turbo Normalised Baron 58. Specially designed turbochargers that prevent overboost at low altitudes but give better performance at higher ones. Beyond a repaint, an Enhanced version, more detailed with better sound. Apears as separate plane, will not affect your default Baron in any way.B206B3.zip by Owen Hewitt The same, but the object of the makeover is the Bell 206.Veneaviones_Rockwell_Turbo_Commanderb.zip by Veneavionnes Simulation Group. My dad flies one in real life, this one is in a special fleet in FSM called "Daddy's Toys, Donny's Dreams"! Have recreated a lot of flights from my childhood...afg_pc12_basepack.zip by AFG It's in the same fleet, my Dad don't have one but I'd sure like to!!! E500V3.zip Nifty little 4-6 passenger plus crew jet. I haven't had a chance to try yet, but Chuck Dome has some good framerate friendly planes including the Citation X and the Beechcraft Duke. Search his name under "extended search"- some in the Avsim library (like the Duke) have been further enhanced by others.AEU7.zip I'm not trying to duplicate recomendations, one for scenery I haven't seen mentioned in the other thread yet. Makes the default airports look much better, with no "hit" noticed by me performancewise.Bluesphere texture enhancements- Just search with the keyword "bluesphere", this is one thing that actually looks better and IMPROVES performance. "Summer" is required to install the other seasons. As long as you make a copy of your texture folder beforehand, it's eay to step back- if you don't you can still get it back from your CDs.Nobrakes.zip - Julie Rhodes has a replacement language .dll that gets rid of the more annoying messages like "brakes" and "door opening". You still see "differential brakes" and the more helpful ones like zoom level for the first few seconds. If you want to go all the way, she also did messagekill.zip- if you use THAT one don't blame her if you forgot you paused or think your system locked up when your aircraft was really destroyed!Just a start...Best Regards, Donny:-wave

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