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Faelandaea Dravin

Loud Ai Noise

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So I recently made the switch from FSX:SE to P3D and so far I absolutely LOVE it .. but one thing is killing me.  I am not sure if it is one of my add-ons or what but anytie AI is operating near me, especially on takeoff or in the air, they are EXTREMELY loud, and none of my volume controls seem to control it.  I never had this issue in FSX, and I am using the same add-ons I used in FSX ... just their P3D versions.  However, just to be sure, i checked the manuals of these add-ons and none of them state at all that they affect AI sounds in the environment.


If I list what I am using here, can someone tell me A) Is this something in P3D?  Feature that I can shut off?  Or B) Is one of these add-ons causing this?


  1. Traffic 360 - Was my first suspect, but nothing in the control panel/configuration utility says anything about sound options.
  2. GSX - Used this in FSX and while it gives sounds for services, it had no AI sounds that I know of.   I also searched that manual and nothing is said about AI sounds in that product, so that is ruled out.
  3. AS16 - Checked and double checked.  This only effects weather.
  4. A2A - I figured the Accufeel bit that comes with A2A aircraft was effecting the general environment.  I deactivated it, but the AI loudness still persists.

Other than various aircraft and scenery I have installed, i am out of ideas and am convinced this is a base P3D volume adjustment that I am missing somewhere.



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