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My new gtx 1060

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I am a slow converter. Not because of money, but more from the need to remain sane in this wonderful hobby.

So, for many years I was perfectly content to run fsx with a gtx 460. I did not chase fps, nor did I expect to reach the ultimate scenery bliss. I set up my nividia inspector and dx10 so that I could fly at 20 fps happily---in 90% of my flights. My overclocked i-2500k and my 460 were good enough for at least 3 years.

Not for money, but for me a graphic card cannot cost more than 200 to justify the purchase--especially when it comes to fsx. We know that a gpu does not necessarily add much to the frames in fsx.

However, when the gtx 1060 and up family arrived on the scene, with a starting price of 250 for the 1060 6 gigs, which is comparable to a gtx 970 or better, I could not resist.

I went out a purchased a mini 1060 6 gig for 250.  What a beauty. Quiet, so quiet that I thought the card was dead, and this is under load. Small, so small that I am amazed at how much power comes in a small package.

As to improvement in performance in fsx? I've moved all the slides to maximum, and if one does not chase fps for the sake of fps, the improvement in scenery quality is clearly noticeable.


Now I want someone to reduce all the settings needed in fsx.cfg, dx10, nvidia inspector, into one simple recommendation so that I can go fly. Despite all the many "advices", I am still confused as hell regarding the best settings for a high end graphic card.




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