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OpusFSI Weather update window popping up on top of everything.

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How do I stop the OpusFSI update window from opening up on top of everything every few seconds?

The weather update setting is every 60 minutes and METAR Import file every 3600 seconds.


Windows 7, P3D, Aerosoft A320. Rex 4 texture direct. 


Would OpusFSI have any effect of why the picture is very grainy on landing at EGPH if the rain is heavy, or is that a Rex 4 problem?





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OpusFSI has nothing to do with your display. The Upper Atmospheric Report is displayed and updated each time GRIB download is in progress. This should only be before flight and the GRIB data remains valid for a long period.


Make sure your GRIB download and decoding is working OK by checking everything before flight and using spy. Check all the reports to ensure you have good GRIB data and set all Defaukt settings, there is a setting to determine how long GRIB data cycles will remain valid. Make sure you have not altered that.


Your problem could be simply a failure to download or process the GRIB data. Hence it keeps attempting to do that each weather update and the menu window is a reminder of that and indicates your problem.


Use Recommended Practices and default settings then you will know all is ok before you fly. Especially you will know GRIB data is available. The Upper and Lower Atmosphere reports will confirm that along with the other text reports and LWA maps. This must all be checked so that you know all is functioning as it should.


The weather report window is also updated as you fly.


But you can always just close that. Click on the close option in the displayed text and then it will be closed and no weather updates will be displayed as you fly along.




In summary...


You either have a problem with GRIB download or processing.




The weather report window has not been closed using the displayed option in the report.


The display has nothing to do with OpusFSI. My guess, your grainy rain depiction is most likely a sim or graphics problem.



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Ok, I just looked up what GRIB data is.

I hadn't looked at that side of the setup because wasn't sure if it was needed for what I wanted. Just finished another (different) flight. OpusFSI was set to update weather on startup as usual, and the weather window didn't pop up at any time!

So tomorrow I shall look at what you recommended to check.

Thank you very much.


The display on landing was perfect this time but the grainy problem only happens in the rain most likely nothing to do with Opus. I don't know how Rex 4 and UK2000 and what ever else, sort out who does what as far as display...



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I would configure OpusFSI not to load weather on start up so you can perform the first weather update manually. That way you can open spy, set your destination and cruise altitude (min 4000 feet needed for GRIB data .. which I would strongly advise you to include), click Update Weather in the OpusFSI Weather dialog, then monitor the weather download and generation.


Run the sim in windowed mode at first so you can see everything. You will see the Upper Atmosphere report displayed reporting GRIB progress. This can be displayed docked (transparent) or undocked(opaque).


If undocked the report text window can inadvertently get hidden behind the sim display. Popping into focus only when updated and the sim restoring focus to its main display shortly after. If this is so then dock the view so that it won't happen when in full screen mode.


You should Google your grainy when raining problem. Could be something to do with your rain textures or graphics etc.. Nothing to do with opus though.


Also make sure you have stepped through the GS Guide (very important).


I guess you've just had the sims menu text window displayed in undocked form and hidden behind the sims main display. It would then pop onto view during an update and disappear again after the main display is updated and takes back focus.


Please read our Recommended Practices as that helps to make the most out of the various weather related information and expected en route data.


Stephen :-)

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