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The VSKYLABS Ultralight Bush-Plane Aircraft project

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Hi all :)


Working on a new ultralight bush-plane aircraft project.


More details and deeper introduction could be found at the VSKYLABS website.


Release is expected during October 2016.


vskylabs microhopper ultralight 003 800.jpg


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Hi :)


First version of the aircraft was recently released.


You can find it at the VSKYLABS website.


Here are some screen-shots:


vskylabs micro hopper 1024 002.jpg


vskylabs micro hopper 1024 001.jpg


vskylabs micro hopper 1024 006.jpg


vskylabs micro hopper 1024 005.jpg


vskylabs micro hopper 1024 003.jpg




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MAJOR Package update details (18th December 2016):

This update is for X-Plane 10.51, and it is a part of the preparations for upgrading to X-Plane 11. 

Current version is V10.51-003

Update information: 

  1. 3D model engineering update and refurbish (including fuselage, cockpit, textures, object structure arrangements for the future XP11 upgrade. 
  2. New 3D cockpit panel.
  3. Systems updates: new compass is included.
  4. Tail wheel section was re-engineered for better performance: The tire is larger and the whole setup fixes the ultralight in a greater angle-of-attack while sitting/running on three points (all landing gears have contact with the ground). This setup makes the take-off run shorter, more suitable for bush-plane operations.

More details available in the aircraft's page in this LINK.


vskylabs microhopper v003 1024 003.jpg


vskylabs microhopper v003 1024 002.jpg

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18th January 2017 - MAJOR UPDATE RELEASED:


  1. This update is an upgrade for X-Plane 11.
  2. Current version is V11.00-003 / V10.51-003
  3. Update information:
  • First designated X-Plane 11 version included.
  • The V11 version of the VSKYLABS MicroHopper has a modified flight model for correct performance in X-Plane 11.

For more information, visit the VSKYLABS Micro-Hopper Ultralight Bush-Plane project's page.


vskylabs microhopper ultralight 002 800.jpg


vskylabs microhopper ultralight 001 800.jpg

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Yesterday I purchased the 4 models in the Trike package and I really love it.  How does this Micro Hopper differ from the  Trikes as far as performance and speed are concerned?

Thanks a lot,

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The Micro-Hopper is a whole different type of an aircraft. It is an aircraft with rudder control and a conventional wing, meaning that it can be flawn in more authority, make tighter turns, and handle cross winds better. Its gliding ratio is far better than of a trike, as well as climbing performance/flying qualities at higher altitudes. These characteristics makes the Micro-Hopper a more versatile aircraft.


In terms of flying speed, both of the models are flying around the same speeds, with the Micro-Hopper being slightly faster.

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