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joined the 6700 (eventually)

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Hi all,


If some may have noticed, I was for the upcoming i7, 7700K as a better upgrade option. I still believe the same, but seems like I could't be more patient waiting till January release -count that as a weakness-. My idea is that since the Kaby Lake will be compatible with the 170 chipset, someone can sell the 6700K and previous setup, and upgrade to Kaby Kake if the performance gain is noticable. So until then I am up to:


CPU: Inel i7 6700K

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1

MB: Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 3866Mhz C18

SSD: NVMe Samsung 960 Pro, 512 GB


For cooling and power I'll be using my current Corsair H100i hydrocooler and VS650 PSU.


Coming from a 3570K@4.6GhZ, GTX1070, 8GB 1600 DDR3 system.

I hope to be above 30fps for most scenarios.


Feeling like joined a big 6700 'club' :)

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with that MoBo i should not go over 3600mhz mems,

I should go for c16 3600 slightly faster and more stable on that MoBo than the 3866 kit

But Its up to you , buy what you feel comfortable with.


4x4 vs 2x8 it little harder to run 4 sticks

Have tested 4x8 32gb run at c14 3800 there a get Max speed and stability but that only for bench.

Allday rig i run 2X8 G-Skill TridentZ 3600 C15 can run 4x8 at that speed but not much higher.

With speeds over 3800 you need to feed the memcontroller with higher voltage than i feel comfortable with at 24/7

Its another ball game with the 2slots mobos they do over 300mhz higher same voltage on the memcontroller.

Just my 2 cents

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Westman, thank you very much for your feedback. Really appreciate it. Formally, the order is not sent yet, so I can change it. The performance will be better with the 3866 but you say its more difficult to overclock the memory if I understand right. Can't found the C15 G-skills but can found the 3600 C16. I'm only considered about best performance. So, if the option would be between:

4 x 4GB @ 3866Mhz C18


2 x 8GB @ 3866Mhz C18


2 x 8GB @ 3600Mhz C16


What should I consider as better for my setup? 


These are the options that I have from the store (my choise was the first on the 3866 list) :





Thank you very much !!

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3600 c16 8.88ns , 3866 c18 9.31ns , 3600 c15 8.31ns

Best performance 1. 3600 c15 , 2. 3600 c15, 3. 3866 c18

I would go for 2x8 3600 c16 TridentZ , i have a couple of 3600 S-Skill TridendZ kits both C15 and C16

Best binned sets is the new 4133 but a run them at 3600mhz C14

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Thank you so much again Westman! 


You were crystal clear, so you convinced me and I changed for the G-skill TridentZ 3600 C15.


Very grateful :)

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